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Preparing For Your Carpet Or Upholstery Cleaning

The service industry has changed over the years and so have the clients they serve. A greater variety of goods and services are now available at home from online or phone scheduling but even with that convenience the people that come to your home would like to make their time there as convenient for you as possible.

Scheduling Through our website you can use our calculator to find your price and put your appointment directly on our calendar. We do ask that you type the items you would like cleaned into the calendar (because it does not transfer from the calculator) and realize there is a one hundred and twenty five dollar minimum.

Access most reputable carpet cleaners have been in hundreds of empty or furnished homes using lock box codes provided by a realtor and in more recent years remote unlocking feature by the home owner. Payment can be made by providing your email address and paying your bill that day through a link that is sent to you in your email.

Pets most carpet cleaners love dogs but if there is a dog that is aggressive it can be scary. Also if a dog can’t stop barking a carpet cleaner can feel as if they are upsetting the dog and it can be distracting. Something to keep in mind is the vacuum hoses come through the door leaving it open about three inches and a pet can escape with little effort.

Preparing Rooms For Cleaning It is good to pick up blankets, clothes, toys ect. in advance. There are no hidden charges with our carpet cleaning so please be sure to tell us before we arrive if you want furniture moved, it does involve a significant amount of labor and effects the price. Most people do not have their furniture moved but instead have it cleaned around. You can have furniture stacked on top of other furniture to expose more carpet or furniture moved once (such as from carpet onto tile) at no additional costs.

Furniture Cleaning Both sides of the cushions and all parts of the furniture are cleaned. The only part we recommend not cleaning is the back of a sofa or chair that has long stretches of unattached fabric, it runs the risk of sagging. Also if you have colored aftermarket pillows please provide plastic for them to be placed on after cleaning because many aftermarket pillows bleed color after cleaning

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