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Is It Worth Steam Cleaning A Carpet

Is It Worth Cleaning A Carpet?

You will hear old timer say “they don’t make them like they used to.” That isn’t true for cars, they make them much better and houses, if you pay enough. No place is it more untrue though than carpets.

Old organic Jute backing has been replaced by polypropylene that has increased the grid pattern density over the years to offer higher durability and less chance of carpet coming loose from the backing. The older organic Jute was constantly on the verge of returning to the nature it had come from and decomposing while the polypropylene resists humidity, spills, urine and steam with little to no change over a lifespan of twenty years.

Short of using wool, one of natures wonders and amazingly durable yet priced out of reach for most, synthetic fibers are king in modern times. Closed loop carpets, like their name suggests come to the surface loop and go back down into the carpet and are very durable. Cut pile is where the synthetics shine. They are cut like a piece of rope at the top, over time the unwind and fray but with modern synthetics that time has extended greatly.

Like an automobile, the difference between a long life and a short one is maintenance. It would be more accurate to say, the difference between an attractive long life and an ugly one would be maintenance, because the carpet can last well beyond looking good. Dirt left on a carpet beyond a year has the ability to form a permanent bond that the best of cleaning can’t overcome. Dirt also has an abrasive quality that takes the smooth finish off the fiber that allows dirt penetration and graying of the carpet that is also more of a permanent condition.

So yes I would say it is worth cleaning your carpets. Yes it will last with or without the cleaning. Without cleaning it will look damaged, unattractive and will make for a shabby appearance to visitors. Also carpet like everything else is expensive and cleaning is relatively cheap (check our price calculator on the carpet page). Cleaning your carpet will give it many healthy (free from dust, pollution and allergens) and attractive years.

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