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All the World Is a Stage and We Are Merely Realtors, Staging for Sale Properties From the Carpet Up

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

I know paraphrasing William Shakespeare is a bit cliche, but I couldn't resist. Of course, Realtors know all the tricks for making a property more appealing to prospective buyers: wall art, generic photos, lightweight mock furniture that people really shouldn't sit on - but some Realtors overlook the importance of flooring in their staging.

Cleaning First, we should start with what is obvious in my profession: the carpet cleaning. Really get down at eye level and examine the condition of the fiber. When in doubt, if it is grayish from abrasion of the smooth fiber or if the fiber bundle is unwound like a frayed rope, you may be better off replacing that room of carpet. If not, clean all the rooms that need it and you will be surprised at how many of the rooms look great for showing.

Staging Furniture If you are staging furniture, put it in place of the previous furniture. Even the best carpet cleaning is not going to make well-traveled paths look exactly like carpet that has been sheltered under furniture. There are only so many ways to arrange furniture in a room and the future owners will probably use the same placing.

Lighting Some light shows the flaws in carpet more than others. The worst is florescent followed by the less-used incandescent. LED lighting is pretty carpet friendly if you get it in the more yellow, natural light spectrum. The best light for carpet showing though is natural sunlight; it makes the carpet look brighter with a washed-out effect, so open the blinds for home showings and try to show it in the daylight hours.

Carpet Deodorizing Powder These are inexpensive and fast: you just sprinkle them on the carpet, then vacuum them off later. With these you can eliminate odors that will dampen the enthusiasm of your clients. My favorites are Carpet Fresh and Arm and Hammer. I lean toward the Arm and Hammer because it absorbs odor as well as having a scent that is a little more subtle.

Carpet Grooming This is my favorite tip because I love $10-$20 solutions that get killer results. Carpet fibers especially in traffic ways tend to get flattened, especially ones that are worn and make the carpet look older. You can go on Amazon and get a carpet rake for less than $20. It takes only a couple of minutes per room to rake the carpet and it will fluff up the worn fibers, taking years off the carpet's appearance.

These simple, quick and inexpensive tricks will boost the appeal of your property.

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