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Cleaning Carpet - Knowing the Why

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

A few years ago I added another skill to my skill set by acquiring my CDL license. In one of our lessons the instructor told us to never shift your truck's gears going down a mountain. I thought, that sounds important; I bet it would really stick in my head if I knew "why", so I asked. What he told us was, you may not be able to get your truck back in gear and you will speed down the mountain to your fiery death. Actually, diesel doesn't burn, but for the sake of drama this really stuck in my head. In my 23 years of carpet cleaning I have learned many very good reasons "why" for carpet cleaning so here they are:

* Modern carpets are incredibly engineered and can look great for 20 years with a yearly

professional cleaning.

*Carpets are still subject to abrasion from dirt that rubs away the smooth surface of the fiber and can do irreparable damage, leaving them blemished in as little as three years (less for rental properties).

* Carpets are low maintenance compared to other flooring, but if not cleaned properly can create a food chain: - dust mites eat skin flakes and and harmful micro organisms eat dust mite feces.

* Many allergies can be lessened greatly by eliminating the the above food chain along with dust and pollution.

* Most people think that dirty home judgmental-ism went out in the later 1950's but it didn't, so you can keep people from talking about you behind your back by having clean carpets!

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